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Happy Valentine’s Day, from me to you.

I made a thing in the computer! 

Just in time for her birthday, here’s Tarder Sauce aka Grumpy Cat! So cute! So grumpy!

Just something I did for fun. 

Yay! More cats! This time it’s Venus, the Chimera cat! Actually, according to this National Geographic article, it might not actually be chimerism, which is what happens when two embryos fuse together giving the animal (or person) two different sets of DNA, but whatever the cause might be, you can’t deny that this is one stunning feline. I had a lot of fun painting the two different sides of her face, and her beautiful blue eye. Good times.  You can visit Venus at her facebook page which you can find right here.

Finally some new work! This time up, it’s one of my best friends two cats, Marshmallow and Oreo.

Cat #9: Meowth from the Pokemon games. Done at the behest of my brother. We were OBSESSED with this game when we were younger.

Here we have Pounce from the Provost’s Dog trilogy by Tamora Pierce. With his purple eyes it’s clear from the start that he’s no ordinary cat (*spoiler* He’s actually a constellation.) It’s also strongly implied that he might be the same cat as Faithful from The Song of the Lioness quartet. Since I love all those books to pieces, I figured it only fitting that he have a place in this series as well.

My cat Hailey. She’s cute, except for when she’s trying to lick your hair. Or your mouth.